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Celtic Fiddle Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year!  Join them in Portland April 10, 2014 at Alberta Rose Theatre in the beautiful Alberta Arts District.

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"When Bronnie takes out her bow, you know she'll be playing with all the authenticity of the finest Irish fiddlers, but with a more strident sound, where the Old-Time undertones of her roots always come through." 
 Paul Duchene Portland Tribune
Bronnie Griffin is a contemporary fiddler steeped in the rich Irish tradition. A prize winning student of the legendary Kevin Burke, Bronnie learned her Irish from the best.  With a classical training tempered by a sojourn in Bluegrass and Old Time playing she broadened her already considerable abilities after she went to the well of the tradition, and spent over ten years in Ireland busking and listening to the great tune keepers and lore masters. She returned and played around the U.S., sharing the stage with Gerry O'Beirne, Johnny B. Connolly, Nancy Conescu, John Williams and Kevin Burke, among others. Today she lives in the musically rich and diverse city of Portland, Oregon, where Celtic music flourishes, enriched by the vibrant and eclectic world scene, all of which is reflected in Bronnie’s lively playing. With one stellar album under her belt, and another forthcoming, Bronnie Griffin brings a strong bow, melodic lift, and sheer joy to the world of traditional music.  
Ruby Hoy 2013


She has that lilt and lift that brings new life to old melodies, along with an understanding that allows for traditional interpretations of modern tunes, making then sound as if they’ve been around forever… Griffin has put together a wonderful album…It purrs with delight from the opening to the final notes.  
Review of Three Colours Ginger, Jamie O Brien, The Irish Edition

When Bronnie takes out her bow, you know she'll be playing with all the authenticity of the finest Irish fiddlers, [yet] the Old-Time undertones of her roots always come through.   
Paul Duchene Portland Tribune

Whimsically themed this new recording may be, but it is also seriously good. It could hardly be otherwise. Griffin cut her teeth on old-timey tunes, at which she excelled from an early age, but she is no less a whiz on Irish fiddle.  
Review of Three Colours Ginger, Jeff Meade, Irish Philadelphia                                                                                                                                    


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